英文祝福,英文祝福语大全:With a true friend, the world is but a little

1、I wish you success in your work.祝你工作上成功。

2、I will miss you!我会想你的!

3、I really don’t know whether to be happy or sad here today.今天在这里我真的不知道要高兴,还是要悲伤。

4、With best wishes for your safe arrival!祝你一路平安!

5、With a true friend, the world is but a little place, after all.海内存知己,天涯若比邻。

6、Wish you a pleasant journey!祝你一路顺风!

7、Will you accept my best wishes for a safe voyage!祝你一帆风顺!

8、Hoping you will have a pleasant trip!祝你旅途愉快!

9、Happy anniversary!May the years ahead fulfill all your hope.祝结婚周年快乐,愿今后年年如愿以偿。

10、Wishing you a world of happiness and love as all your dreams come true.但愿天从人愿,幸福与爱情无边!

11、Wishing you all the blessings of a beautiful New Year season.愿你拥有新年所有美好的祝福。

12、I wish you a happy New Year. All affection and best wishes to you and yours.以我所有的爱心与真诚祝你及全家圣诞快乐。

13、We never knew two people better suited to each other.我们从未见过如此般配的一对。

14、Wishing you a sparkling New Year and bright happy New Year! May the season bring much pleasure to you.愿你的新年光彩夺目,愿你的新年灿烂辉煌!佳节快乐!

15、I wish you many more anniversaries each happier than the last.愿你们有更多周年纪念日,一年比一年更幸福。

16、Wishing you a sparkling Christmas and bright happy New Year!May the season bring much pleasure to you.愿你的圣诞光彩夺目,愿你的新年灿烂辉煌!佳节快乐!

17、May the joy of New Year be with you throughout the year.愿新年的快乐一年四季常在。

18、Christmas comes but once a year. But when it comes it brings good cheer.圣诞节一年只有一次,但每次来临都带来喜悦。

19、May Christmas and the New Year be filled with happiness for you.愿你圣诞和新年幸福无尽。

20、You two are a perfect match.Here's wishing you both a lifetime of happiness.你们是天生的一对,祝你们永远幸福。

21、Happy birthday to an attractive,intellectual, sophisticated and all round splendid person.祝福一位美丽迷人,聪明大方,成熟端庄,又倍受赞叹的妙人儿,生日快乐。

22、May you two always be in love!May happiness increase with age.愿你俩永浴爱河,祝你俩幸福与年俱增。

23、Birthday gifts are not to write sentences to give you blessings,too,if you gift enough, then I am up Minato. Happy birthday to you!现在生日不送礼,写句祝福送给你,如果你嫌礼不够,再把我也往上凑。祝你生日快乐!

24、Wishing you a wonderful day and a year filled with happiness!祝你生日妙不可言,整年沉浸在幸福里!

25、Hope you enjoy the happiness of New Year and all the trimmings.祝你享尽新年佳节的快乐和新年的礼品。

26、Peace and love for you at Christmas from all your students.祝老师圣诞节充满平安和爱。

27、Time is flying away,and years are passing by.Only our friendship is always in my heart.Farewell,my friend!Take care,my friend!流水匆匆,岁月匆匆,唯有友情永存心中。朋友,再见!朋友,珍重!

28、Thinking of each other is just like a thread connecting both you on the one end and m e on the other end.思念是一条细长的线,一端系着你,一端系着我,时刻连接着两颗跳动不息的心。

29、The time passed by, yet our true friendship remains in my heart.岁月流逝,你我真挚的友情却常存我心。

30、Soinstead of concluding my speech with the customary “Good-bye,” allow me to say “Good luck and much happiness!”不要照一般习惯说“再见”作为结尾,我要说的是“祝好运,万事如意!”

31、Saying “Goodbye” and hoping you know that warm wishes are with you wherever you go!说声“再见”是希望你知道,不论你走向何方,温馨的祝福将永远伴随着你!

32、Good luck!好运!

33、Getting together in haste and breaking up in a rush;flowers blooming and withering endlessly;only friendly sentim(从容网crong.cn)ents remaining in our hearts.聚也匆匆,散也匆匆,花开花落总无穷,唯有友情藏心中。

34、For youth, for happiness, let's bless each other, treasure the friendship between you and me.为了年轻,为了欢乐,让我们彼此祝福,彼此珍惜。

35、It's joy to know you, wishing the nicest things always for you, not only today, but all the year through because you are really a joy to know.认识你是一种快慰,愿你永远拥有最美好的东西,不仅今天拥有,而且天天拥有,因为认识你真是一种慰藉。

36、What has gone is that beautiful period; which remains is the precious friendship between us.逝去的是那段美好的时光,留下的却是你我那份最珍贵的友谊。

37、We will miss him as a worker amongst us and also as a cheerful friend who could always brighten the day around here.他是我们的同仁,也是让我们在这儿的日子充满欢乐的一位开朗的朋友,我们会怀念他的 。

38、Have a wonderful brithday!祝你度过一个美妙的生日!

39、You're wonderful friend, and I treasure you more with every year.你是一位难得的挚友,我对你的珍重与岁俱增。

40、Wishing you a wonderful day and a year filled with happiness!祝你生日妙不可言,整年沉浸在幸福里!

41、Grandma means sunshine filled with blessings from above, Grandma means kindness because it's another name for love May this be a special birthday for you.奶奶是充满祝福的阳光,照耀我身;奶奶是慈祥和蔼的别名,爱的象征。愿您的生日特别快乐!

42、May friends give you strength at this time of sorrow. May faith give you hope for every tomorrow.愿朋友们在你悲痛的时刻给你力量,愿信念给你的每一个明天带来希望。

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