2015英文说说带翻译爱情短语 Like why magnified into love

Only willing to away from you.只愿远离你

He are the sun,he can shine,in my hand hug he will let me hurt他是太阳会发光,我伸手拥抱会受伤

Nothing's wrong when facing love.[ 爱情面前没有对与错.]

A faithful friend is hard to find.知音難覓。

Glass is fragile heart杯子易碎人心可谓

to still be suffering is stupid after all of this time.一切都结束后还深陷在痛苦中不可自拔是多么愚蠢

Time urged me to go against your life.时间怂恿我背离你生存。

Like why magnified into love[喜欢何必夸大成爱]

Each youth will be old[每段青春都会苍老]

Don't let the fear for losing keep you from trying.别因为害怕失去而停止尝试。

I remember meeting all of you


I love you for my life past.『我爱你爱了整整一个曾经。』

If you do not leave me,I will by your side until the life end你要不离开我,要不我就和你同归于尽。

Time is we do not come loose.【时光不老,我们不散】

-Not to touch you cannot hold in the arms.触摸不到的你无法拥在臂弯里

I will not bother.(我不会打扰)

I don’t know where I am going, but I am on my way.我不知将去何方,但我已在路上。

Say goodbye and never see don't cheap.说声再见再也不见也别贱.

Finally, can accompany with you is more very最后能够陪伴你的更是寥寥

I am alwayswaiting for you,for your turning around我一直在等你,就等你一个转身。

I tried so hard to let you go(我已经如此努力放手让你走)

Can you tell the world please leave,I want to leave temporarily可不可以跟世界请个假,我想暂时离开一下

I love the one I think smile boy我喜欢上了一个我一想起就会笑的男孩

I'll take your night dreams do the moved我会带着你的晚安把梦做到最感动

I am only interested what belongs to me.我只热衷属于我的东西

He didn't know how much he loved her until he lost her.(直到他失去她他才知道他有多爱她)

The future that we hold is so unclear(我们曾紧握的未来却是那么模糊不定)

Good friends both male and female, good relationship is not time好朋友不分男女 好关系不算时间

Each one second all belong to the past is in the past.每个上一秒都属于过去都是回忆

Your world did not if I was clean{你的世界没了我是不是清净了许多}

Well that is not emotional, but I move the heart说好了不动情 我却动了心

Promise more,not be,that's just a lie.承诺再多,做不到,也不过是谎言。

Time does not wait for me, is you, forget to take me away时间没有等我,是你,忘了带我走.

I need to love(我需要你的爱)

Don't give me shelter suddenly I am afraid without you(别替我遮风挡雨我害怕突然失去你)

Even if the road is not flat also should make oneself of the sun【就算路不坦荡 也要做自己的太阳】

Don't break up painstakingly, but as a cruel 。(不分手的苦心,反而象种狠心。)

I'm so sorry that I couldn't follow through(抱歉我没有办法坚持到底)

My strong will make you feel panic.【我的坚强会让你们感到恐慌】

Meeting you was fate,and falling in love with you was out of my control.遇见你是命运的安排而爱上你

I don't care about you to my don't care.我不在乎你对我的不在乎。

For my life, for your ten years of innocence.用我一生,换你十年天真无邪.

You go to, or worry that you will go你走了真好,要不然总担心你会走。

A lot of people, once missed is a stranger很多人,一旦错过了就是陌路.

Youth will fade but my memories of you will not青春都会苍老但记忆里的你一直都很美好

I may not be perfect but at least I’m not fake.我可能不完美,但是我至少不虚伪

Whether friendship or love, come, my warm不管是友情还是爱情,你来,我热情相拥。你走,我坦然放手。

All that you have lost can be won back bit by bit as long as you wish for it.曾经输掉的东西,只要你

I pretended to be indifferent to it.我假装无所谓才看不到心被拧碎

You Are My Sunshine你是我的永远

If deep will not be disappoint倘若深情不被辜负

Elegance's the only beauty that never fades.[优雅是永不褪色的美.]

I need to get away.我想要逃离。

I've been stressing to fall back in love with you(压力让我难以继续去爱你)

Lost in not come back,come back not perfect(失去的不会回来,回来的不在完美)

Do you have a map? Because I just keep losing in your eyes.你有地图吗?因为我刚在你的眼神中迷失了.

I met mysouimate. she didn‘t我遇到了我的那个她,她却没有。

The meaning of life is that it stops.生命之所以有意义是因为它会停止。

A man can always pretend to smile never perfunctory.有种人可以永远假装微笑 从来不痛.

People always like to say forever人总喜欢说永远

Your heart, is I go to the end also want to come back.你的心,是我去到地尽头也想回来的地方.

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